YouEye, a startup which aims to make user experience (UX) testing more efficient through remote services, has raised $3 million in funds and is announcing a new beta product dubbed insite. The round was led by numerous angel investors, including Saba Software founder Bobby Yazdani, Googler Brian McClendon and former-Googler Beth McClendon.

YouEye’s technology features webcam eye tracking and emotion recognition — yes, it can detect how your users feel (happy, sad, confused, etc.) when they browse your site. These features have the potential to streamline UX testing, allowing users to provide feedback on your site remotely, so you can optimize it for the better.

As for insite, YouEye tells us it will help site owners turn their existing users into UX study participants via an embeddable widget. This contrasts with YouEye’s core businesses, which assists in sourcing participants. The company has shared an example video that a site owner might receive after a testing session:

With these new funds, YouEye explained vaguely that it plans to invest in the development of current and future products, while expanding “into new markets.” Surely insite plays a role here, too.

To try it out yourself, register for beta access via the link below.

➤ insite, by YouEye

Image credit: Digital Vision / Thinkstock