Amazon Web Services principal evangelist Jeff Barr is embarking on an AWS Road Trip that involves driving across the country to promote the cloud platform.

The trip will kick off on May 12 in Boston, with Barr working his way back west across the continental US to arrive back in Amazon’s backyard of Seattle.


Barr outed the trip on the AWS blog back in March. The finalized schedule is now up at

Here’s his itinerary:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

  • Monday, June 3 – Seattle, WA – NW Cloud.

Aside from the user groups, Barr will be blogging and tweeting the experience using AWS-powered services. Contour, which uses Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront, will provide car footage and he’ll rely on Waze for navigation. Other sponsors and partners, all of which use AWS, include ArcGIS ExplorerRed Lion and Unilever.

Interestingly, Barr is also using the trip to earn his final five credits for a Master’s of Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington. Sounds like it’ll be a very productive trip.

The trip is the latest Amazon initiative to invest in developing IT professionals for its AWS cloud platform. Earlier this week, the company announced a certification program for AWS that will provide training and testing for individuals.

(hat tip Hacker News)

Image credit: iStockphoto