Google Glass has become one of the hottest topics here at the 8th TNW conference in Amsterdam. Initially, Robert Scoble became an instant sensation for allowing the crowds to, one by one, try on his Glass headset.

However, there are more of the devices to be found. According to TNW co-founder Partick de Laive, at the first night’s after party, three sets were out and in use. Patrick went on to say that instead of causing social angst, the Glass units were simply “already normal.”

A bold claim, especially given the controversy that the new hardware is causing among the privacy-focused. No matter which side of the privacy fence you prefer to straddle, it’s beyond question that Glass is a technology that will cause us to refresh our norms regarding what counts as intrusive, and what is only regular.

We caught up with Patrick, placing him in front of the camera for a few minutes. Enjoy!

Top Image Credit: Robert Scoble