Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has announced that the company has signed an exclusive deal with Broadway Video that will bring Saturday Night Live’s 38-year archive and clips from the current season to its Web properties.

The content isn’t available for viewing yet, and Yahoo promised to announce when it’s ready.

I’m hoping the deal included a verbal agreement from SNL to do a parody of Mayer and plans for her to host an episode. After all, rival tech CEO Mark Zuckerberg made an appearance on the show in 2011 alongside Jesse Eisenberg, the actor who portrayed him in “The Social Network”.

The deal is a nice win for Mayer, who has been working to freshen up Yahoo’s brand image since she took over last year. SNL still has a bit of cool to it that it can rub off on Yahoo.

Yahoo posted revenue of $1.15 billion last quarter, beating expectations with $0.38 earnings per share. Mayer said during a subsequent conference call that she’s set out to win in the long term through a “series of sprints”. She’s definitely been making some bold moves, such as the controversial $30 million acquisition of Summly, and inking a deal with SNL should help Yahoo earn its title as a modern media company.

Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images