Two weeks after launching Flipboard 2.0 with a user-generated magazine feature, the company has announced that readers have created over 500,000 curated publications.

Flipboard magazines are curated collections of content that users can share. Though creators don’t have much control over the specific layout of their magazines, the company is planning to let users reorder articles in the future. Over 50% of Flipboard 2.0 users read magazines daily, the company said.

flipboardOther interesting stats from Flipboard released on Thursday include: 6 billion pages flipped per month and 3 million new users in the last two weeks. The “Modern Gentleman’s Playground” takes the cake as the biggest magazine with 2,495 items added. The top countries generating magazines are the US, the UK, Japan, Canada and Spain.

Flipboard just hit the 50 million mark last month, so the addition of 3 million new readers suggests a strong upswing with the arrival of version 2.0. Users are ‘flipping’ at a rate of 6 billion pages per month.

If you’re eager for more Flipboard stats the company has plenty more in the infographic it made for the announcement.

Image via Flickr / Ken Hawkins