Barnes & Noble has launched Nook Press, a new self-publishing service for authors looking to write, edit and sell eBooks to Nook owners.

Acting as the next generation of PubIt!, Barnes & Noble’s two-year-old service for helping writers self-publish to Nook devices, NOOK Press offers a suite of tools focused on collaboration and content creation.

According to Barnes & Noble, NOOK Press’ perks include live chat support; the ability to invite friends to read and comment on any NOOK Press project; and a “Quick Start” feature, which lets authors try the suite of tools before making any commitments.

This launch is particularly interesting for Barnes & Noble, as it comes in direct competition with Kindle Direct, a similar offering from rival Amazon. Apple’s iBook Publisher falls into similar territory as well, further complicating the space.

Nook Press is free to use, but Barnes & Noble will take 40 to 60 percent of your list price as royalties. Interested writers can try it out via the link below.

➤ Nook Press

Image Credit:  Justin Sullivan/Getty Images