As usual around this time of the month, smartphone and tablet maker HTC released its monthly consolidated revenue numbers for the month prior. And they look, well, horrendous.

The Taiwanese company’s reported revenue in February 2013 was a mere NT$11.37 billion, or approximately $384 million.

That’s a staggering 44 percent drop compared to February 2012, and a 26.8 percent drop month-over-month (as in, from January 2013).

In fact, it’s been exactly three years since HTC’s monthly revenues were at this level. Last month, the company reported net income of NT$1 billion (roughly $34 million), the lowest profit it booked since 2004.

The numbers paint a bleak picture for HTC, which is struggling to compete against Apple, Samsung and others in the ultra-competitive global smart devices race.

HTC hopes that the upcoming HTC One will turn things around, but really, what are the chances – even with a new CMO in place?

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