Canvas, a NY-based startup founded by 4chan creator Chris Poole, launched its first app, DrawQuest, two weeks ago and is now sharing early milestones: the iPad-only app has passed half a million downloads and has seen over 1 million drawings.

As a recap, when DrawQuest first launched we called it “a surprisingly entertaining iPad app that encourages users to embrace their creative side.” The goal behind DrawQuest is to bring people together around daily drawing challenges. The challenges themselves, which the service calls “quests,” begin with a simple prompt and template to start you off.

Since then, the app has been featured by Apple and has seen a full spectrum of drawings: from simple drawings when users are “poking around the editor” to “sophisticated drawings,” Poole tells us. The point of the app isn’t to gather together the best artists and designers, but to tap into the creativity every person has — even if they don’t realize or embrace it yet.

An example Quest in DrawQuest might ask you “what’s in the water?”
An example Quest in DrawQuest might ask you “what’s in the water?”

What’s Next?

According to Poole, the next step for DrawQuest lies in discovery. He tells us that Canvas originally “anticipated a smaller community to start out.” Now, the startup is “having trouble accommodating the number of drawings,” and so they’ll put new efforts towards “redesigning the galleries to highlight contributions, new users, etc.” Additionally, users should keep on the lookout for smaller changes, like an easier way to submit quest ideas

This is the first time Canvas has ever stepped into the app territory, and right now the mindset seems to be let’s see where this takes us. Securing 500,000 downloads is noteworthy, but the app still has a long way to go. We will, of course, keep you updated on its progress.

For more on DrawQuest, check out the free app via the link below and read our launch review here.

➤ DrawQuest for iPad

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