Altobridge, a company that offers products to help mobile carriers make more out of the data capacity on their networks, has today announced fresh investment from Intel Capital and IFC that will allow it to increase the pace of its rollout of its Data-at-the-Edge technology.

The $7.8 million investment is a follow-on from the two firms, who put $12 million into Altobridge in March 2011.

When installed on their networks Data-at-the-Edge allows mobile network operators to make data handling cheaper and more efficient. This is done through a number of techniques such as HTTP acceleration, in-line data and header compression, user data caching at the cell site, data traffic management and least-cost routing.

The technology is particularly useful in rural areas, where a lack of public WiFi hotspots can mean that mobile phone users are wholly reliant on cellular data. Altobridge recently announced that Data-at-the-Edge will be rolled out on Maxis Berhad’s 3G network in Malaysia, and the company says that it has trials planned with “leading network operators” in Europe and North Africa.

In addition to Data-at-the-Edge, Altobridge also offers Lite-Site, a solar-powered satellite-based solution for providing 2G and 3G service to remote communities.

Image credit: Thinkstock