Today at Social Media Week headquarters in NYC, Warby Parker co-CEO Neil Blumenthal spoke about his company’s formation and how it set out to transform the optical industry (worth $22 billion in US).

In doing so, Warby Parker took eyewear online — it had been curiously absent from the e-commerce world — and heavily cut inflated prices down to $95 for a pair of glasses.

As you’ll see in the video below, Blumenthal elaborates that the “tech behind glasses hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years.” Then why, he asks, should a pair of glasses cost the same as the latest iPhone?

Blumenthal also shared that Warby Parker has plans to produce more of its own content as it transforms into a lifestyle brand, but that the company has no intention to compete with media outlets. This is noteworthy, as growing startups like Birchbox appear to be inching towards that direction.

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