Today Yahoo announced a non-exclusive deal with Google that will see advertisements from the search giant appear on its new partner’s web properties for users around the world.

Specifically discussing contextual advertising, and in this case display contextual advertising, Yahoo welcomed Google’s Adsense and AdMob networks to both its own properties, and “certain co-branded sites.”

Yahoo did mention search in its post announcing the change, but not in a way that would indicate that its partnership with Microsoft is evolving in any meaningful way. Here’s the single shout out to search: “Every day, people turn to Yahoo! for their daily habits — like search, weather, news or more.”

TNW has reached out to Microsoft for comment on the announcement. That Yahoo secured this deal is not surprising, as its new CEO Marissa Mayer was once a key executive at Google. Her relationships at her former company likely helped the deal come together.

Yahoo states that for its users, they will notice little in terms of a different user experience, instead noting that the deal simply allows for greater flexibility.

It will be interesting to see what percentage of the newly partnered ads end up being delivered to mobile devices, a key growing market segment for Yahoo.