It’s not unusual these days to hear of a DDoS attack or even a site hack when people or organisations say controversial or upsetting things in the media. But it is unusual when it is not a cross-border challenge or Anonymous doing the legwork, but a cat lover.

New Zealand businessman and philanthropist Gareth Morgan has been outspoken about his thoughts on pet cats and feels that ownership should be naturally curbed, or as NZTV explained it – if your cat dies, don’t get another one.

The Morgan family feels that there should be a national debate in New Zealand about ownership as they see cats as a major threat to the indigenous animal population. NZTV says that there’s close to a million cats in the country.

To spread the word, Morgan created a website and that was promptly hacked leaving the following pictorial message saying that a new website would be coming soon.

cats to go

Morgan may have a point about protecting New Zealand’s wildlife, but it’s a tough call when the Internet is mostly made of cats as explained by Joel Veitch of Rathergood in the video below.

Maybe the feline lovers and wildlife campaigners can come to some agreement. In the meantime it will be interesting to see if ‘Catslovernz’ creates more alternative content on Morgan’s site.

Hat tip (cat tip?) / Hack Read

Image Credit: You As A Machine / Flickr