Microsoft’s search technology, which powers both Bing and Yahoo tools, gained 0.2% aggregate market share in December when compared to its November tally.

On a combined basis, Bing and Yahoo search controlled 28.5% of the U.S. market, according to new data released by comScore. At the same time, Google declined from 67% to 66.7%. The remaining 0.1% that Google shed in the month went to marginal players in the space.

Raw market share percentage numbers are not everything, naturally; Google grew even as it lost total share. This occurred as Bing and Yahoo grew more quickly in the U.S. market, each growing their search queries by 5% on a month over month basis during December.

Google grew but 4%. Here’s the complete data:


Key in the above chart is the fact that Yahoo and Bing grew faster than the larger search market itself, indicating strength.

Why might Bing have made ground in December? Perhaps we are seeing a small murmur of a Windows 8 Effect; Microsoft’s new operating system contains a Bing application, and other applications that are powered by the search technology. Perhaps they are leading to increased market share for the number two engine.

Google remains the boss. But Bing is as scrappy as ever.

Top Image Credit: Robert Scoble