In an effort to bolster interest in its platform and to reward those who have stuck with it over the years, Flickr is offering three free months of Pro access to current subscribers, as well as those who are not currently pro users. With a single click, a three month extension of unlimited uploads and viewing of your whole library is yours.

The free months come with unlimited uploading and viewing, posting in up to 60 different groups, high-resolution downloads of your original photos and unlimited uploads and plays of HD videos.

Yahoo’s Flickr service has enjoyed a renewed focus of attention after languishing in relative stasis for years. A fresh iOS app with a crisp design and filters powered by Aviary has brought it out of the shadows and many, yours truly included, have re-awakened our interest in the platform. That interest wasn’t hurt by Instagram’s sloppy handling of a Terms of Service change and the subsequent media foolishness that ensued.

You can sign up for the three free months here.

Image Credit: AFP/Stringer/Getty

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