Earlier this year, the Living Labs Global Award called for innovative ideas to solve real problems in cities around the world. Now it’s back under the name LLGA Cities Pilot the Future.

21 cities are taking part this time, each with their own pitch that they want companies, entrepreneurs, innovators, consortia, research centers, organizations and experts to respond to.

For example, Lagos in Nigeria wants to set up ‘networked standalone content hotspots‘ to help its population access the Internet in bandwidth-deprived areas. Mexico City is looking for digital health technologies that can improve senior citizens’ quality of life. Aalborg in Denmark wants smart solutions to traffic congestion.

The contest is organised by Citymart, a marketplace for city solutions. The full range of pitches varies from environmental to economic challenges, but they all require smart thinking from those who plan to take part. We covered some of the shortlisted entries from the last time the challenge ran; they included visual representations of local government spending and a pavement that generates electricity from the movement of people across it.

Ideas can be submitted online before 31 January 2013. They will then be evaluated and judged before the winner is announced at an event in San Francisco in May 2013.

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Image credit: Jasper Juinen / Getty Images