As of December 14th, the ratings service Stamped will no longer operate. The app and service, which allowed you to give things that you liked your ‘stamp’ of approval, was acquired by Yahoo about a month ago.

An email was sent out to users of the service by Robby Stein and two other co-founders:

Thank you for being a user of Stamped. A little over a month ago, we announced our acquisition by Yahoo! and our intention to shut down the Stamped service.

In ten days, on December 14th, 2012, the Stamped app will be permanently discontinued and the service will no longer work.

Stamped had raised a total of $3M over two rounds of funding. The service will shut down in 10 days, and the team says that if you’d like to save your stamps, you can do so via this link. “It has been an amazing journey building this product and we’ll always be thankful to you for giving Stamped a try,” ends the team’s message. “Onward!”

Image Credit: Marissa Mayer

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