Cloud-based email service SendGrid has teamed up with Twilio to integrate SMS, voice and push notifications into its platform.

With the goal of creating a “multi-messaging platform for the enterprise,” SendGrid explains that this move is one piece of its strategy to “offer a complete cloud messaging service by bringing together best-of-breed technology partners.”

SendGrid’s offering has expanded beyond email overnight, and while the usefulness of this development depends on its execution, it is certainly an initiative worth watching.

According to SendGrid CEO Jim Franklin:

We are thrilled to partner with the leading communications API platform provider. Twilio is powering the future of business communications solutions for the enterprise market. This multi-messaging platform reinforces our belief in the importance of providing an integrated cloud solution for the enterprise that is cost effective and simple to deploy.

SendGrid, which approached Twilio for this partnership, tells us that its customers were searching for a “complete cloud messaging platform.” SendGrid goes on, explaining that “enterprise customers have a strong need for multi-messaging channels and we want to serve them and that growing market.”

This announcement follows Twillio’s recent expansion into more than 20 new countries, including Japan.

Image credit: Photodisc / Thinkstock