Mailjet, a Paris, France-based provider of a cloud email platform, has secured $3.3 million in funding from venture capital firm Alven Capital and private investors Laurent Asscher and eFounders.

Launched in February 2011, the company’s platform essentially enables users to manage the sending and tracking of newsletters and transactional emails sent by Web application providers and e-commerce firms.

Notably, Mailjet also takes care of the optimized management of deliverability, trying to ensure that legit emails from their clients don’t wind up in spam folders (the company claims 20% of emails actually do).

Mailjet says 10,000 customers are currently actively using its platform to deliver and track sent emails in real-time. Clients include the MIT, The Fancy, Overblog, TextMaster and Alittlemarket.

The $3.3 million in financing is Mailjet’s first institutional round.

Alven Capital led the round, investing $2.6 million, with participating backers eFounders and Airtek Capital Group’s Laurent Asscher completing the round. eFounders previously pumped $300,000 into the startup to bankroll initial R&D.

The startup was founded by Thibaud Elziere, who previously started companies like and Fotolia, Julien Tartarin, Quentin Nickmans and Wilfried Durand.

Image credit: Thinkstock