PayPal has released its final batch of Cyber Monday numbers and they’re up big in the mobile payment space. The site saw a 190% increase in global mobile payment volume compared to 2011 and had 44% more payment volume overall.

Early reports had put the increase at 196% for mobile volume, but it looks like it went down a bit through the day. The hour between 12 and 1PM PST was the busiest of the day for the site, but mobile users shopped a bit later, between 1 and 2PM PST.

The increase in mobile volume was accompanied by a similar increase in the number of customers  doing shopping from their phones too, with a 166% increase recorded when compared to last year. These numbers follow a strong increase in mobile payment volume for PayPal, GSI and eBay on Black Friday.

Experian is also reporting that Cyber Monday retail traffic was up 11% in 2012 overall, with Amazon, Walmart and BestBuy leading the increases.

The report says that the top 500 retail sites ended up with more than 206.8 million total visits from the US.

That data doesn’t include mobile traffic to those sites, but PayPal’s numbers indicate that there should be more of an effect this year than last year. Mobile shopping volume is still much smaller than standard web traffic, but it continues to build steam.

Image Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images