User Acquisition Marketing. Now there’s a mouthful of a term for you. But it all comes down to one thing – how do you get customers? Whether you’re building an app, running a company or developing a website, without users you simply don’t have an audience and failure becomes imminent.

Lucky for you, TNW and education upstart General Assembly are teaming up once more to provide an eight-week course that is focused on everything you need to know about UAM. For two days each week, two nights per session, you’ll dig in to the fine points of what makes up UAM, you’ll learn best practices and you’ll walk away with practical, tangible results.

The investment required from you? $3,000 (or £2,500 in London). But we want to help you out with that by providing a $/£ 2,000 scholarship. All you have to do is help us spread the word about this global competition. Just head to this page, pick the city of your choice and then tell your friends. The person who drives the most signups will land themselves a scholarship and an immeasurable opportunity for learning.

No matter if you’ve just started building, or if you’re a veteran creator, you’re sure to benefit from an outside perspective on how to get more users. So do it for your company, or do it for yourself. But just step up and start learning with a generous scholarship to get you moving.

User Acquisition Marketing Scholarship

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