President Barack Obama has joined Foursquare. Did you think he was already on there? He was, sorta.

The account was created some time ago but until now has remained dormant. See, the President made his primary Foursquare home the White House’s profile, where you could receive “tips” from the White House featuring the places President visited, what he did there, historical information and more. But seeing as there’s a possibility he might not be there too much longer, he’s now actively posting to his new personal profile.

The President will presumably be using the location-based social network to let you keep track of him on his campaign trail. His first check-in? Time Warner Cable Arena.

Obama has once again proven himself to be a social media maverick, making the most of the web’s social networks. The President’s use of Facebook and Twitter was key to his fundraising during his first election bid. And just last week he took to one of the Internet’s most influential communities, Reddit, giving the Condé Nast owned site its most visited traffic day of all time.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Obama was one step ahead of rival Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the online world. In this case at least, you’d be wrong. Romney has a Foursquare profile that puts even mine to shame, packed with check-ins, tips, photos and more.

Does it matter? Probably not. Perception does, though…

Image Credit: (REUTERS/Jim Young)