Fledgling software company Typesafe is growing hella fast, and to illustrate that the company will today announce that it has secured $14 million in venture capital in a round led by Shasta Ventures with participation from Juniper Networks – through its Junos Innovation Fund – and prior backers Greylock Partners and François Stieger (a former executive at Verisign and Oracle).

Typesafe offers a modern software platform called Typesafe Stack that enables developers at clients like Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn and Cisco to build and deploy scalable cloud-based apps and multicore hardware systems.

Typesafe was founded in 2011 by the creators of the Scala programming language (Martin Odersky) and the Akka middleware (Jonas Bonér), and Typesafe Stack evidently combines both – as well as the Play web framework and a host of developer tools that integrates, notably, 100% with existing Java infrastructure.

Of note: Typesafe advisors include james Gosling, often dubbed the ‘father of Java’.

In connection with the financing round, Shasta Ventures MD Jason Pressman has joined Typesafe’s board.

Image credit: Bart Geraerts