Skillshare and the School of Emerging Media & Technology unveil new ‘Hybrid’ classes

Skillshare and the School of Emerging Media & Technology unveil new ‘Hybrid’ classes ...

The School of Emerging Media & Technology is expanding upon its educational offerings with the launch of Hybrid classes.

As you may know, Skillshare is a marketplace which allows users to learn almost anything from anyone they choose. In partnership with Social Media Week, the School of Emerging Media & Technology was launched earlier this year to help students understand the technologies that have influenced the way we work online and off.

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The Hybrid classes are a new format that is both online and available locally. It’s aim is to let anyone enroll from anywhere.

There will be project-based classes that incorporate an online classroom and workshops where students can collaborate. This provides a way for students to advance by themselves as well as having the chance to discuss their progress in groups face-to-face.

The first three Hybrid classes in the Skillshare School will be Understanding Marketing Madness from JWT’s James Cooper, Leverage Your Creativity for Good with charity: water’s Paull Young, and The Art of Cult-Like Loyalty from Ligaya Tichy.

The classes appear to have a base in marketing skills for this particular set, but alongside the other offerings from the school, there is bound to be a balance across different disciplines.

If you’re thinking of signing up, more information can be found about the Hybrid classes on the Skillshare tumblog.

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