Today, Netflix is reporting a solid Q2, with revenues of $889 million and earnings of $.11 per share. This is noteworthy, because only in Q1 of this year the company lost $5 million at $.08 per share.

In addition, Netflix shared more key stats today: It gained 530k domestic streaming subscribers this quarter, bringing the total to 3 million international, 23 million domestic. Inversely, it lost 850k DVD subscribers, which suggests as many as 300K lost customers (domestic alone, that is).

See more via the Q2 investor’s letter below:

Investor Letter Q2 2012 07.24.12

However, if we look at worldwide numbers, the picture is somewhat different. Netflix added 1.1 million streaming customers in Q2, topping its loss of DVD customers by 160k.

This news follows Netflix’s continuous efforts to enter into Latin America by way of Brazil.

Image credit: swanksalot