According to Jason Del Rey of Ad Age, Yahoo! is closing up shop on its Android and iPad “Flipboard clone”, Livestand.

The service was announced last February, showing that Yahoo! was doubling down on mobile. Livestand was a mobile newsreader for tablets, a space that had many players at the time.

In February of this year, Yahoo! announced that its “mobile first” initiative was in full swing, immediately closing these apps:

• Yahoo! Meme (iPad and iPhone)
• Yahoo! Mim (iPad)
• Yahoo! Answers (Android)
• Yahoo! AppSpot (Android and iPhone)
• Yahoo! Deals (iPhone)
• Yahoo! Finance (BlackBerry)
• Yahoo! Movies (Android)
• Yahoo! News (Android)
• Yahoo! Shopping (iPhone)
• Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search (iPad and iPhone)

Looks like Livestand didn’t fare so well, either.

Now that Yahoo! has shown us what it has in store for search and browsing with Axis, perhaps the company is focusing on that product intensely.

While there’s nothing wrong with shutting down a project that hasn’t gained traction, it certainly doesn’t make Yahoo! look like a potential winner in the mobile space.