In our recent “Best of: Austin SXSW” breakdown, we asked a few folks why they came to the annual tech conference, which draws Internet lovers from across the globe.

“To meet my Twitter friends in real life,” was one girl’s twee answer. “To get people excited about my startup!” exclaimed one entrepreneur.

For many, SXSW Interactive is a convenient time for business meetings, company bonding and relationship building. “It’s the people you meet on the street corner or in line at the taco truck at midnight that matter, these people could be your customers, a future investor or your next business partner,” said one female CEO.

To measure the awesomeness that is SXSW, Tracx, a social media management system, created an infographic of the SXSW aftermath, which quantifies the good time attendees had at the event. Which speakers/keynotes were most talked about? Which parties were most popular? Which influencers/thought leaders tweeted/posted the most? Which brands and campaigns generated the most buzz?

For those who attended the event, the infographic is a nice reminder of how much fun we had and for those who didn’t, hopefully it will inspire you to hop on a plane to Austin next year!

Click on the image for full size:

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