Amazon today announced it has entered the memorabilia market, offering more than 2 million unique collectables via the new Sports Collectibles Store on its retail website.

The new store is currently limited to the US, offering items from official licensees of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and International Federation of Association Football (IFAF).

Similar to how it allows customers to select colours, sizes and styles in its fashion store, Amazon also provides a tool to browse collectible items by type, sport, year, team and price, enabling people to find that all-important baseball card or signed sports attire.

Screen Shot 2012 02 02 at 14.17.32 520x254 Amazon expands into sports memorabilia, offers 2m unique collectables

Amazon applies its A-to-z guarantee on all items and says that items on offer vary between a $4 Wayne Gretzky trading card or a $34,950 Babe Ruth autographed baseball, as well as signed collectibles of modern-day stars like Eli Manning, Tom Brady, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant or Lionel Messi.

The Internet retailer may not be finished there when it comes to sports; earlier in the week Reuters reported that Amazon’s Quidsi unit may also be getting into sporting goods.

It referred to recent online job postings that described a new “sports and activities” business and an “Outdoor Sportsman destination,” at least according to Credit Suisse analysts.