One of the companies that I’ve paid close attention to lately has been sneakpeeq. The social shopping site has layered in a new action to shopping that it calls “peeqing”, which mimics the same action that you’d take in a physical store. You see a cool item, then turn the price tag around.

That extra action has not only been translated into its integration with Facebook for Open Graph, but it has found the company some success in predicting how well certain items do on its site.

In the infographic below, sneakpeeq explains how the most peeqed items on the site have a 30% chance of being peeqed by others. This is the equivalent to being at a shoe store and seeing a group of people standing around a specific pair of sneakers. You will probably go over and take a look just to see what everyone is hovering around.

The rest of the stats below will help out anyone else building a site that wants to enter the “social commerce” market, which after looking at sneakpeeq’s growth numbers, is not a fad or empty buzzphrase.

Click here to see it in its full glory: