In early 2011, serial entrepreneur David Wade started Popdust with Editor Craig Marks of Billboard, Spin and Blender fame, to be the premiere pop music online destination, much like Pitchfork and Stereogum are for the indie music scene. We interviewed Wade about Popdust in April of this year.

Popdust is a startup born out of NYC’s Gramercy Labs incubator, which includes companies  Snooth and Lot18. Each Gramercy Labs startup is built on a specific formula for success: essentially take a viable, profitable concept + hire someone with incredible business savvy (Wade) + pair with a creative, celebrity force (Marks) to establish a brand + build scalability through software.

This holiday season, Popdust secretly launched Topdust, a pop music shopping site that lets you shop like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. It’s part of a sweeping trend we’ve been noticing–the marriage of content and commerce, and I think it works brilliantly.

Screen shot 2011 12 28 at 2.27.48 PM 520x342 Wanna shop like Rihanna? Topdust is a soon to launch pop music shopping site

Right now the site is in locked-down beta mode (if you’re dying for a Special Invite Code, hit us up in the Comments and I’ll see what I can do). In the future, Topdust will include a multimedia player for artist-matched songs while you shop, music video clips featuring items, and specially produced content from artists stopping by the office to show off their sweet gear.

The site plans to launch to the public in February with media partners and a major artist endorsement. But for now, I leave you with this…What will the celebs think of next?

Screen shot 2011 12 28 at 2.27.59 PM Wanna shop like Rihanna? Topdust is a soon to launch pop music shopping site