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djiphantom drone

DJI’s Phantom drones won’t be able to fly over Washington or across national borders anymore

DJI, the company behind the insanely popular DJI Phantom drone series, has announced today that it will be rolling out new firmware that will limit flight in specific areas, in…

pottermore harry potter oyster

Oyster adds the complete ‘Harry Potter’ series to its ebook subscription service


WeChat finally arrives on the desktop for Windows users


The Guardian Completes Its Relaunch with Global Redesigned Site

Apple Watch

Tim Cook: Apple Watch Will Ship in April

Snapchat on iPhone 6 Plus

Snapchat Has a Secret New Way to Add Your Friends

youtube html5

YouTube Now Defaults to HTML5 Player Over Flash

Google Fiber

Google Fiber Confirmed for 4 New Cities Later this Year


Apple Releases OS X 10.10.2 and iOS 8.1.3 Updates