Let there be Li-Fi: Meet the man who’s bringing connectivity to the world through LED

Sir Alexander Graham Bell may be better known as the guy who invented the first ‘practical’ telephone, but the Scottish scientist laid claim to an arsenal of additional innovations. Among… Keep reading →

Android 1

There are 18,796 distinct Android devices, according to OpenSignal’s latest fragmentation report


SoundCloud introduces ads and revenue sharing, as it prepares to launch a subscription service


Twitter Details Its Anti-Spam System

McDonald's China

McDonald's Has Digital Music, Global Mobile Ordering Plans

WeTransfer Android app_medium size

WeTransfer Now Lets Android Users Send Files up to 10GB Too


Twitter and Stripe Reportedly Team Up for In-Tweet Purchases

Photo 22-08-2014 09 45 30

Breaking News for Android Gets Proximity Alerts


Coin Announces CoinBeta, Will Ship 10,000 Cards