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Dropshare helps you share files securely using a service you control

There’s a plethora of apps out there for sharing your screenshots and files with the world, like Cloudup and Droplr, but what if you’re not sold on the idea of…


Yahoo and Flickr mix social computing, geolocation and computer vision to boost image recognition tech


Yandex’s new browser is a bold UI experiment that takes the best from Chrome and Opera

Screenshot 2014-11-27 16.35.57 Search & Play Soundbites From Movies


Musixmatch Brings its Lyrics Catalog to the Web

Jolla Tablet

Jolla Tablet Will Go 3.5G If It Hits $2.5 Million In Crowd-Funding


How Latin America's Trivia Crack Cracked the USA

independent hacked

The Independent And Others Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army


Uber's Android App is Not 'Literally Malware'