Calico, the Google-founded research and development company with a healthcare focus on diseases of the aging, has announced a new collaboration with AbbVie, the biopharmaceutical research offshoot of Abbott Laboratories.

This R&D collaboration is designed to assist the companies with creating, developing and eventually marketing new therapies for age-related diseases, such as neurodegeneration and cancer.

Calico plans to build a new R&D facility in the San Francisco Bay Area to focus specifically on aging and the diseases associated with it, and both companies say they may invest up to $1.5 billion to accelerate the development of new drugs and therapies.

Calico will focus on drug discovery and development while AbbVie will support the marketing of such drugs and therapies.

Calico is run by Arthur D. Levinson, the former chairman and CEO of Genentech and Dr. Hal V. Barron, Genentech’s former chief medical officer.

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