Google today launched a Slides for iOS app, while updating its Docs and Sheets apps to support opening, editing and saving Microsoft Office files.

These three products represent Google’s push to claw both consumer and enterprise customers away from Microsoft Office. Most of the business world still runs on Microsoft’s renowned productivity apps, so it makes sense that – at least for now – Google should support them as widely as possible. Only when users are confident that Slides, Docs and Sheets can work seamlessly alongside Microsoft Office will Google start making some serious progress in this area.


Slides is Google’s equivalent of Microsoft Powerpoint, and its introduction on iOS can’t be underestimated. Users will be able to create, share and present their work from an iPhone or iPad – similar to Google’s Android and Web apps – as well as open, edit and save Microsoft Powerpoint files. Docs and Sheets, Google’s answer to Microsoft Word and Excel, have been in the App Store before but also received updates today for opening, editing and saving Office files.

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Thumbnail image credit: Adam Berry/Getty Images