Google has launched a new Chrome Experiment focused on ISEE-3, a small NASA spacecraft that has roamed the Solar System for 36 years. The craft has now been turned into a ‘citizen science’ project thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.


The ISEE-3 is set to pass the Moon tomorrow and to mark this, Google has published a video documentary enhanced by WebGL graphics, a chance to explore data collected by the ISEE-3, and a live visualization of its current position – all built with the modern Web technologies the company likes to showcase.

A “live lunar flyby demo” is promised for tomorrow, so it’s worth checking the ‘A Spacecraft for All’ page again then, although Google hasn’t specified at what time this will take place. Update: Google has updated its announcement to give the time of tomorrow’s event as 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET. 

A Spacecraft for All

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