One of my favorite parts of Google is getting instant responses from search results — it massively simplifies currency conversion, for one thing. So it’s interesting to see that the company now lets you create Google Now reminders right from its search box, as the Google Operating System blog explains.

The feature works if you prefix searches with ‘add reminder ‘ or ‘create reminder ‘ — and it also lets you set specific dates, times and more.

Update: It seems like this feature was quietly launched last year, but a lot of folks (me included) were not aware of it.


Right now it looks like the feature is either locked regionally or being rolled out to selected users because I wasn’t able to replicate these reminders in Thailand, nor could we do so in Australia. Nonetheless, it is certainly a neat way to make things easier, especially if it allows you to create new reminders by typing them out in the URL bar — as is the case for currency conversions and others.

We’ve reached out to Google to see if the company can explain more.

➤ Create Reminders in Google Search [Google Operating System]