Google unleashed a new map-based game called Smarty Pins (get it, Smarty Pins, oh Google). The game is a great way to remind yourself that you have no idea where things happened.

The quiz game asks questions that have location answers. For example:

In 2011, revolutionaries demanded the removal of President Mubarak from this City’s Tahir square.

You answer the question by playing the pin on the correct location. The game does help you out by starting each question in the general region of the answer. But it’s up to you to place the pin in just the right location.

Smarty Pins uses “miles” as a point system. You start off with 1000 miles and if you answer a question correctly, you get to keep those miles, or if you answer quickly enough, you get bonus miles (up to 15 miles per question). If you answer incorrectly the miles (as the crow flies) between the right answer and your pick are deducted from your miles total.

Fortunately, there are categories to help you find a topic you feel comfortable tackling: Arts and Culture, Science & Geography, Sports & Games, Entertainment, and History & Current Events. There is also a Featured Topics category. Today’s topics are World Cup Trivia and March Madness.

Your score can be shared to Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Or in my case, quickly clicked away.

Smarty Pins

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