Google is reportedly about to launch a renewed effort to become your TV hub with a new platform destined for set-top boxes called “Android TV.”

Documents obtained by The Verge purportedly show a new interface that not only encourages streaming content providers to build their own apps for the new platform, but also to provide that content via the Play Store for rental or purchase.


The platform appears to support both apps and games at launch and is preloaded with a number of Google’s core applications such as Hangouts, YouTube and Google+.

Android TV marks a renewed effort to push into the TV business after its previous attempt, Google TV, failed to gain traction over the last few years.

It’s interesting to see Google make this move after pushing so hard with the widely successful $35 Chromecast and encouraging app developers to build experiences for that rather than full-blown applications.

There’s no information on when Android TV will launch or if Google will make its own hardware for the platform yet.

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Image Credit: GEORGES GOBET/AFP/Getty Images