Acer America is launching a new model of its C720 Chromebook series that is geared towards the budget-conscious consumer. Just in time for the holidays, the computer manufacturer is making available a $199.99 model that still has the same Intel Celeron processor and battery life as the base model. It can be purchased from Best Buy and Amazon starting today.

Designated the C720-2848 model, the computer is the same as the base model externally. Internally, however, there are some tweaks. With a cheaper price comes lower hardware capacity: it comes equipped with 16GB SSD and 2GB of RAM.

Acer Chromebook previewed at IDF forward angle

Other specifications include an integrated HD webcam, a 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi antennae, dual speakers, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, and a HDMI port to allow for HDTV support.

As with most of the Chromebooks, Google is offering consumers up to 100GB of free Drive storage for the first two years, along with Google Play Music All Access and 12 free Gogo Inflight passes. It will also be WiFi only as Acer hasn’t declared whether the computer will include an option for 3G or 4G data reception.

Last month, Acer introduced the world to the next-generation Chromebook joining the likes of the Pixel and HP Chromebook 11. It was also the first model to be powered by Intel’s Haswell micro-architecture, which Google announced its cloud-based laptops would be built on in September.

Photo credits: Acer