RIP another Google service: iGoogle, the company’s personalized Web portal product, finally bit the dust today, more than a year after its shutdown was announced.

iGoogle has slipped into the darkness quietly: there’s no final blog post marking its demise and the URL for the service — — now navigates directly to Google’s regular search page.

While it wasn’t as successful or well-used as Google Reader, the RSS service that went offline in July, iGoogle was popular with some who appreciated the ability to customize the Google search page with news feeds, games, widgets and other information that was easy to glance at and digest over the course of a day.


These are times of priority for Google, however, and Google+ is the key focus. Since iGoogle was never a service that Google could leverage to the benefit of Google+, it’s no surprise to see it get phased out.

As a former iGoogle fan, I will take a moment to nostalgically reflect on the service today as others are doing.

Image via C_Eng-Wong Photography / Shutterstock and Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones / Flickr