YouTube now has an Audio Gallery featuring 150 royalty-free instrumental tracks, which can be used for anything…not just YouTube videos.

The proposed gallery first came to light back in August, though it seems the initiative is only rolling out to everyone now, with each track downloadable as 320 Kbps MP3 files. You’ll now see a link to the library in your video manager, and the tracks can be filtered by mood, instrument, genre, and length. Here’s one example track, which Google suggests could be used in a romantic flick.

It seems Google actually hit the road to find musicians willing to create tracks specifically for the library, and is now actively seeking more musicians to help grow the library.

So, while this is obviously good news for anyone looking for free music to add to their YouTube videos as it removes the hassle of eking out free music to use, anyone can download the tracks and do whatever they want with them.

YouTube Audio GalleryFree Music for Your YouTube Videos