Google has confirmed for the first time that it will introduce an app store dedicated to Google Glass next year. The company relayed its plans to Marketing Land, after a New York Times editorial hinted at the prospect, although it did not say if the Glass app store will be part of the regular Google Play store, or something entirely separate.

Given the unique design of Glass, it’s really no surprise that it will get its own store and there have been hints in the past. We can expect things to develop further when Glass exits its ‘Explorer’ beta and goes on public sale — which should be before the end of 2013.

For now, there are plenty of alternative app listings for glassholes, although it still remains to be seen if/when Google will allow developers to create and market paid-for apps. As of now, all apps for the wearable device are free.

➤ Google Glass App Store Coming In 2014 [Marketing Land]

Headline image via Justin Sullivan/AFP/Getty Images