Following Google’s decision to release the Glass system image and rooted bootloader for hackers, new labs features have surfaced, including an “Ok Glass Anywhere” feature, which lets users give voice commands from anywhere in the UI.

According to Android Police, this new feature initiates an “always listen mode.” Glass still has to be on, but now users won’t have to return to the main screen to give a voice command.

Additional features can be enabled, including the “wink to take a picture” feature —which we’ve known about for a while now — and a Web browsing flag that simply does not work at the moment. Remember, this is highly experimental software, which is why everything from slightly buggy to downright broken features are to be expected.

To see the newly discovered labs features in action, check out the video below:

Earlier this week, Google shared that winning #ifihadglass applicants will start receiving invitations to try Glass “over the next few weeks.” Sadly, if you are not among the lucky few selected by Google, it doesn’t look like you’ll get your hands on Glass any time soon — the company says it isn’t “taking any more applications right now.”