Today at its I/O event, Google announced a number of search upgrades across its search technology, including an expansion of the number of languages that Knowledge Graph can accept as well as bringing conversational search to the desktop environment.

Google is building three experiences, working on the ideas of answers, conversations, and the ability to anticipate.

Knowledge Graph searches will now support queries in Polish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Included in the upgrades is the ability for searches querying the Knowledge Graph to render out more information. Ask it the population of India, and a graph might be displayed that includes the populations of China and the United States over time.

The ability to ask Google questions is coming to the desktop. You should, according to Google, be able to ask it when your upcoming flight is, and where your package might be in transit.

“Ok, Google,” you will say, “how far is it from here?” “The drive from your location to Santa Cruz is 1 hour and 21 minutes.” Google knew that the query in question was related to Santa Cruz. How? Because prior searches had that piece of information included, and Google also knew the starting location.

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Top Image Credit: David Cohen/Google