Google’s Chrome Experiments are always fun ways to show off Web technologies and the latest, Super Sync Sports, is no exception.

In this desktop browser-based game, you take on friends in multiplayer running, cycling or swimming events using Chrome on an Android or iOS device to control your character in the browser.

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 14.06.58Syncing up your mobile device with the desktop browser is a case of going to a special URL and entering in a short code. Then you can play alone or take on friends, using simple gestures on your touch screen to control the action. For example, moving a bicycle requires quickly swiping in a circle.


Super Sync Sports uses a range of HTML5 technologies but it’s particularly designed to show off the cross-device synchronization capabilities of WebSockets. While the control isn’t quite perfect (I found myself accidentally swiping to another Chrome for Mobile tab a couple of times), it’s a fun mid-week diversion for sure.

➤ Super Sync Sports for Chrome

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Thumbnail image credit: AFP / Getty Images