Google has added Calendar results to its enhanced Gmail and Web search in an ongoing field trial program open to Gmail users in the US. The  field trial for an enhanced version of Google’s search began late last year and has been iterated on to include more info in Gmail search, as well as searches performed on

The new results in Gmail for the calendar will likely look like these, which are now also presented on for program participants:

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 10.09.25 AM

The expanded trail is only available at in the US in English. You also have to have a address and Apps accounts aren’t in the running. You can visit the experiment page for more info and to opt in. Google says that it will take a bit to receive a confirmation email as there is limited capacity, and not everyone may get in.

Google is playing to its strengths here, surfacing more of the data that it on you and your schedule more quickly and in an interface that is incredibly reminiscent of Google Now. If I had to conjecture, we’ll be seeing all of this coalesce into a Google Now for the Web more quickly than you might think. All of the elements are there, they just need to be codified into one simple voice-or-text-activated interface.

Image Credit: JOHANNES EISELE/Getty Images