Google has launched a new iteration of Google Shopper for Android and iOS, with a completely redesigned homescreen featuring a larger search box and bigger product photos with more detail.

In addition, the apps are striving to make it easier to find the best deals online and in-store, with a new Sales page letting you view weekly circulars from shops in your locale, along with a handful of featured “current” promotions which can be redeemed online or in person.

Finally, Google Shopper now also features GoodGuide ratings, a system that indicates, from 1 to 10, whether a product is “healthy, safe and environmentally friendly.”

Where these ratings are available, you can view them by scrolling down the product’s page to the bottom:

Version 3.0 of Google Shopper is live now for Android, and one can only assume the iOS version will be hitting the App Store imminently.

➤ Google Shopper – Android and iOS

Image credit: Adam Berry / Getty Images