Knowing how popular a specific topic is around the world can be a key way to determine consumer sentiment. And, knowing in what regions of the world a single query is hot can be exceptionally useful for brands, advertisers, and even the media.

Today, Google announced the merging of two of its best free information tools – Trends and Insights for Search – into a single product. Here’s what the combined entity looks like in use:

Before we get any farther, 10 points to Mexico for having such excellent taste in music.

In its post on the announcement, Google was all but giddy at what it hoped users would tease out of the data, itself noting the pedestrian inverse correlation between searches for snow, and beach, among other connections. If you wish to become depressed, run a few comparisons for ‘Thanksgiving’ and various terms that relate to losing weight.

After a quick test, TNW found the new, combined tool to contain the strength of its constituent parts, while making it easier with their blended information to draw conclusions.

You can plan with the frankentool here. Top Image Credit:  ZapTheDingbat