Today at the Motorola event in New York, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said that there are now 1.3M Android activations a day. 70k of those activations are tablets, which Schmidt acknowledged Google was slow to.. He also says that there are 480M Android devices in total.

Schmidt talked about how much the Android ecosystem had grown over the past few years and quoted Comscore numbers that put Android in the lead at 53% of the market and iOS in second with 33%. Schmidt said that many people questioned those numbers, and that’s true. How those numbers are gathered is a hot topic, to say the least. And it definitely doesn’t match up with web usage numbers, which put iOS far in the lead for device usage.

Google’s Dennis Woodside then took the stage to say that “the new Motorola begins today” and detail a bit about the company’s history. “Motorola invented the technology that underpins the mobile industry,” said Woodside, noting that Neil Armstrong made a call from the moon on Motorola’s S-band transceiver. He also acknowledged Martin Cooper, the creator of the mobile phone.

Motorola is expected to launch a couple of new devices at the event today, you can watch our coverage here.