Google has announced an update for Google Maps for Android that will allow you to pick a specific mode of public transport, hiding the other options. This will let you choose between train, bus, tram or subway options, hiding the others and cleaning up the map.

In addition, Google says that it has now mapped the schedules of over 1M public transit stops worldwide in almost 500 cities.

These enhancements are in sharp contrast to Apple, which will not support public transit options at all in its iOS 6 Maps app, relying on third-party developers instead. I’m sure that Google wants people to note that contrast as well, as it’s likely that they’re prepping their own Maps app for iOS.

Some other tweaks have been made to the app as well, in addition to a revamp of the station pages showing schedules, routes and other nearby stops in a cleaner layout. Some more tweaks including a tab under My Places that will let you access saved maps, starred places and Custom Maps created in Google Maps on your computer. The Location History dashboard has also been updated to let you browse the places you’ve been on a daily basis.

The update should be available in the Google Play store soon.

Maps for Android

Image Credit: zabdiel