As we hear the Google search team discuss the “future of search”, the Knowledge Graph product that the company introduced this year is front and center.

The company shared that it now has 500M objects in its Knowledge Graph database, with 500M connections between those items.

The first thing you need to do is understand the questions you are getting. The knowledge in the real world is “huge”, for all practical purposes, infinite.

The difficulty with Knowledge Graph, as Google has stated before, is the multiple meanings for a particular word. It’s tough for Google to know your “intent” when searching. Are you looking for the band the “Eagles”, or are you looking for the NFL team from Philadelphia?

In addition to Knowledge Graph being available worldwide, only in English right now, the company has shared some new tweaks, specifically links to real objects, like a movie.

Jack Menzel, director of the Knowledge Graph team at Google is talking about how Google can really nail contextual searching with the product. During a demo, we were shown a search for “Cedar Point”, which helped him dig through a site about roller coasters.

Google predicts that the next question or search you’ll make has to do with rides at Cedar Point.

This is a developing story, please refresh for updates.