Have you ever wished that when you wrote something down, Google magically performed a search for you? The company introduced a new beta feature today called “Handwrite” that lets you scribble down your search with your finger when you’re on the go. Ok, that’s cool.

Here’s what Google had to say about it:

Try a fun and easy new way to search. Handwrite lets you write your search right on the Google homepage. It’s available on Google.com from your smartphone or tablet, and is activated in your mobile search settings.

And here’s a demo video, something that Google is getting really good at doing:

By going to your settings from your mobile device, you can enable Handwrite. Once you do that, you can “write” anywhere on Google.com and it will turn it into a query:

So go give this a shot, it could save you tapping time. I wonder if it will be able to read my really bad handwriting though? The first few tests I tried worked like a charm. Hmmm, very impressed.